Mordpol c165a SDC

These are some small diaphragm condensers I did in early 2012. I saw those Alice mics on Scott Helmke's homepage (link) and they looked so great that I wanted to try the circuit myself. The capsules perform great and don't sound anything near their price (in fact the mics sound really amazing) and the rest of the electronic parts are affordable too. As you can see on the pictures, they're still in development, especially the housings. You'll find the schematic on Scott's page and if you need the layout, just write me an e-mail.

In the back you see some glass wool. I needed it to get the nasty resonance out of the aluminium tube, sounds terrible without it.

Test board on the left. Lots of preamp pcbs on the right.

The two working prototypes, another two are waiting to get their noisy transistors changed