Mordpol Ag47 Guitar Amp (Marshall Silver Jubilee Clone)

Update 18.05.15

The amp is finished!! It sounds quite a bit better than the prototype already. I'll post some pics of the 2x12 combo enclosure loaded with G12M Creambacks in the near future + the layout will be available here too.

Finally this bastard's up and running

I left some self-explanatory pictures here. The prototype of this amp can be heard on almost all recordings I've done until now (e.g. Home's "Bound To Gravity" link) - great rock guitar sound and dirty as hell when pushed very hard. A layout of this amp will be available in the future, write me an e-mail if you're impatient. I'm still working on the final amp, check for updates.

Prototype for testing the layout

Prototype insides

New 2mm aluminium chassis with CNC engraved faceplate

Finally, metalwork's done!!

PS and PA wiring pretty much finished (I put the large caps inside the chassis, it's just too hot next to the power tubes)

PA output wiring and 10 turn pot for bias adjustment

Switching board installed

Layout teaser